18 March, 2010

Your Frangipanis in the garden

Despite modern breeding advances in flower color, it's the frangipani fragrance remains the true prize. You can grow them anywhere where you can appreciate their delicious scent, which intensifies at night.

Their size and umbrella-shaped silhouette make frangipanis ideal for large and small landscapes.
In summer they cast dappled shade, they line footpaths to create beautiful avenues and they are ideal for framing distant views.

Their leafless branches in the colder months allow sunshine to filter through, just right for brightening a patio or a balcony in winter. Their light canopy can be underplanted with perennials, their forked branches support hanging baskets and their trunks can be used many plants such as ferns, orchids and bromeliads. In fact, I have seen the most beautiful orchids and bromeliads collections growing on the trunks of frangipani plants, enjoying just the right light/shade combinations.

Grown in tubs, draft varieties make colorful specimens and are ideal for hot or sunny balconies, dispersing their magical scent late in the evening or at night.


  1. There's nothing quite like the perfume of a frangipani flower ... I'm lucky enough to have three large plumerias growing in my garden. I regularly collect the flowers as they fall and place them in a bowl of water inside the house ... heavenly!

  2. Thank you for checking out my blog - I agree, the scent is magical!

  3. I agree...the scent of the plumeria is luscious! I think the bare branches in winter make perfect bird perches. They certainly love to perch there in my garden.

  4. It's agreed across the board...the perfume is the best!!