03 April, 2010

Frangipani - "Love Lane Pink"

While visiting one of my friends late in the afternoon, I've spotted this beautiful frangipani growing on the side of the road and just had to take this picture of its flowers.

It's one of the world-loved varieties called "Love Lane Pink" and it flowers with these rich color pastel pink blooms that go deeper and more intense as the flower matures. The flowers are quite full and large and seems like changing color depending on the light, showing it's color spectrum in white, yellows, pale and deep pinks with a touch of burgundy at the end of the petals.

As I was taking the pictures, being late in the afternoon, it's started releasing it's scent - sweet perfume reminiscent of coconut, no doubt, getting ready for night blooming. The perfume of tropical frangipanis always more intense at night and because of it, many people plant them under the windows or near the balconies or verandas to be able to smell their delicious fragrance.

"Love Lane Pink" variety is one of the very special frangipani, loved and grown in many tropical and sub-tropical gardens around the world for it's magical blooms and scent.


  1. That is just lovely! My favorite colors! I bet it smells as lovely as it looks! Happy Easter!

  2. This pastel pink of the flower is so beautiful and lovely! I wish I can have at least one frangipani grow in my florida garden. Still patiently waiting for my cutting to set the first leaf! Thanks for sharing!

  3. i can just smell the massive exotic masses of those blooms...yes those are gorgeous blooms and i'm not a pink fan!

  4. Gorgeous! Also love the name, Love Lane Pink, how cute!

  5. My plumeria turned black at the base and rotted. I'll have to try it again I suppose, maybe with one with colors like that!

  6. Oh, did I ever have Plumeria growing all around my home in Hawaii ... the fragrance is intoxicating & romantic.


    Have a lovely weekend.
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  7. Thank you everyone for your kind comments and for sharing your thoughts about this beautiful frangipani