01 May, 2010

Frangipani - "White Shell"

When one speaks of frangipani colors, there is an understanding that one deals with the huge variations worldwide. For instance, seedlings raised from natural pollinations will display staggering variety in colors and textures of flowers and cultivars, which been especially selected by breeders will display huge variations of colors and beauty.
From whites to creams and all shades of yellow, through gold, apricot, orange, pinks and reds, frangipanis delight people with their flamboyance - there is a flower to suit every taste.

This beautiful frangipani currently in flower in my garden aptly named "White Shell" - it's petals curl in same pattern and it have the most heavenly jasmine scent thats more intense in the evenings. Friend gave me a cutting of "White Shell" many years ago in exchange for some orchid and I cherish this plant for it's pristine beauty and many happy memories.


  1. White shell Frangipani looks very special with its overlapping petals. I was captured the first time I saw flowering Frangipani trees outside the courthouse in Grafton NSW. The scent, the flowers
    creamy, like the one under the stained glass. One has to be captured by their beauty. It is always nice to exchange and share with fellow gardeners.
    I have many plants from friends, ah and by the way this one I got from Jan... Happy gardening. I must say I love the baby girl admiring the orchids. An early touch of green fingers!

  2. Beautiful flowers, lovely photos.