13 June, 2010

Frangipani Seedpods

Here in AU we are in the beginning of winter and some of my frangipani trees developing seedpods. The one in the picture is from my very nice pink flower frangipani.

For any gardener with impatient disposition like me growing frangipani's from seed is a long drawn-out process, but having said this, many wonderful new varieties been developed by people who are prepared to give it a go and see what Mother Nature can came up with.
We all know that the only sure way to guarantee a variety that is "true to type" is to propagate frangipani's by vegetative means - eg cuttings, grafts or tissue culture.

However, it is from seedlings that new and unusual varieties are developed, so if one prepared to spend time and a bit of efforts, one can be rewarded with raising a variety so outstanding, it will make a world a more beautiful place, and in my mind the world needs a few more beautiful heavenly scented frangipanis. One may even get bitten by the "bug" and start exploring fine skill of collecting and transferring pollen to create true frangipani magic.

The seedpods will mature on the tree for a few months and then can be split-open to reveal approx 100 seeds which can be planted in a seed-raising mix. The seeds themselves can be viable for up to three years, so its possible to store them for a while in cool, dry and dark conditions, waiting for the right time to saw them. Some people sow them in seed raising trays and others into individual tubes. Whatever you use, make sure they are well labelled.

Young seedlings will need care and attention and provided with enough moisture and fertilizer to get them going, protected from harsh sun and colder weather. There will be of course some loss but the one's that survive will flower in it's third year. All flowered seedlings will be extremely variable in color, size and shape as well as the plant habit and vary from compact growth to lanky and willowy.

This way you may create a wonderful new variety, never seen before with beautiful scent and appearance, a combination of certainty and enchantment!

"Just living is not enough! One must have sunshine, freedom and a little flower".
Hans Christian Andersen


  1. Hi! This is the first time I see a seed pod. I only have the red fragipani. You have many and all so beautiful. I am sure they smell good too. Unfortunately the red one has no scent.

  2. Just found you through hermes blog...love it!!!! i hope you don't mind but I want to talk about your blog in my blog -

    plumeria is the best in the world.

  3. Some beautiful pictures here and very usefull information. Keep it up please.

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  4. I so agree with your statement that it is from seeds that we will find new plants that will make the world a more beautiful place.

  5. I had never seen pods on my Frangipani.
    I've always just cut off a limb and stuck it in the ground. Common sense tells me there have to be seeds but this is a first,
    My white Frangipani has 3 double pods on it!
    I'm going to give growing from seed a try!

  6. We noticed our first seed pod only today. It's about 6" long and we can't wait to start the growing process when the seeds are mature. I would imagine the bean will have to begin to dry out before breaking it open.